Our Senior Pastors

Pastors Andrew and Bernadette Mutondoro are the pioneer pastors of Oasis Christian Assembly. Led by the Holy Spirit, they have been taking the love of God to everyone, everywhere – through the bold and powerful teaching of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Pastor Andrew and Pastor Bernadette are anointed ministers of the Gospel with enormous zeal to rightly preach and teach the Word of God with great revelation, boldness and power. This is done in a manner that edifies and exhorts everyone to experience the love of God, the power of the Holy Spirit and are enabled discover their greatness in Christ and fulfil God’s destiny for their lives.

Pastor Andrew and Bernadette Mutondoro have the credentials of ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ sent by the Most High God, as evidenced by the testimonies of great miracles, signs and wonders performed by them through the Holy Spirit wherever they minister.

Their ministry positively impacts and transforms people from all manner of life, those who are in lack are catapulted to abundance. The diseased are healed. Those in spiritual bondage or demonic captivity are set free. The prophetic ministry is always evident. The helpless and incapable members of society are transformed into bold, mighty men and women of valour.

Pastor Andrew is a renowned author of the daily devotional, Bolts of Wisdom, which reaches thousands of people around the world. He has written several books of which “Ask and Receive” “Greatness in Motion” are among the best sellers.

Pastor Andrew is a prolific author whose writings include the classic books ‘Ask and Receive’, ‘Greatness In Motion’ and ‘Bolts of Wisdom’